What is an Overlanding Trailer?

Going off the grid, or overlanding, is becoming more and more popular in the RV world, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. Sometimes, all we want is to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature. Because you’re going so far away from most civilization, though, it’s crucial to know what and how to pack. Overlanding trailers, or off-road trailers, are perfect for these types of trips and are specifically made for rough treks and journeys. They allow you to go anywhere you want to go without any issues you might face with a regular towable.

Off-road trailers give you much more clearance than a regular trailer, and they give you more storage for essentials like food, fuel, and power. In other words, these trailers are meant to give you a true off-road experience and built to withstand rough terrain. The frames and bodies are made with sturdy but lightweight materials, and the tires should be all-terrain or mud tires that aren’t easily pierced.

There are a few different kinds of Overlanding trailers, specifically, the caravan, pop-up, teardrop, and the military.

Caravan trailers are hard-sided and all the living space and storage areas on the interior. Some even come with slide-outs that open up into a kitchen or gallery.

Pop-ups are compactly designed for storage with slide-out features for a kitchen or any additional storage you might need. The living space is packed pretty tightly for ease of travel and is expanded for living and camping.

Tear Drops trailers aren’t all designed to technically be considered off-road, they are normally made with sturdy materials and tires that could qualify as one. Their suspension is also good enough to be taken off-road. In teardrops, all storage and living space is on the interior. Many models come equipped with the kitchen outside with a separate opening.

Military or utility trailers are built to handle all types of rugged terrain and conditions that can be associated with combat areas, which often makes them a bit too tough for off-road situations. The trailer part is normally used for storage with a rooftop tent on top.

Not sure if an overlanding trailer is for you? The best ones allow you to pack up all your camping essentials and explore all kinds of terrain without completely disregarding the comforts of home.

Below, we cover a few different kinds of trailers and what their features are all about. Keep reading for more!

2020 Cargo Craft 7×18 Colorado Off-Road Toy Hauler. Our off-road trailers are some of our favorites because they take the idea of an off-road trailer to the next level. This model comes blacked out, so you’ll be traveling in style. It’s made with a tough exterior for the harshest environments and will securely store all your belongings safely inside. There’s no better time than now to snag this deal because it’s on sale for only $15,777!

overlanding trailer

2019 Cargo Craft 6×12 Colorado Off Road Cargo Trailer. It’s no question that we make some of the coolest and sturdiest trailers in the world. This 2019 cargo trailer is no exception. This trailer can easily handle a few bumps and potholes. More than what any regular towable can take on. It is a bit smaller than the 7×18 models. It has Black Aluminum American Racing Wheels, drop-down stabilizer jacks, a step at the side door, A/C unit with heat strip, LED party lights and so much more. The list doesn’t end! She could be yours for just $12,577.

2020 Cargo Craft 7×18 Off-Road Toy Hauler. This is similar to the above toy haulers.  Just a step up with its installed rollover sofa/bed on the interior. It has 32-inch Mudterrain tires, insulated walls, electric brakes, aluminum roof rack and ladder, and a three-year factory warranty. For just $18,577, it could be yours.

What’s important is that you find the right off-road trailer for you and your needs. Conducting enough research before you begin searching will help you immensely. It will allow you to be armed with the knowledge you need to make the best decision on which one to purchase.

We’re hoping you’re feeling inspired enough to start your research on purchasing your overlanding trailer! We have a great selection of trailers for you to choose from. As always, feel free to contact us here at Colorado Trailers for all your questions and concerns. Happy overlanding!

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