Is an Off-Road Trailer Really Practical for your Overland Adventures?

Usually, vacation means sipping cocktails by the pool and relaxing with room service desserts on the twenty-second floor of the Margaritaville hotel. But for some of us, vacation means something a little more extreme. If you’re into overlanding, vacation means exploring remote areas and getting as far from cell service as possible. Overland adventures come with a little more prep than a traditional vacay.

Is an Off-Road Trailer Really Practical for your Overland Adventures?

To get ready for your time exploring the wildest parts of the country, we recommend purchasing an off-road trailer. In this blog, we’ll go through some of the reasons why an off-road trailer is perfect for your overland adventures.


If you’re looking to add an RV to your camping gear, but need something smaller and lighter for your car to pull, an off-road trailer might be the answer. These campers are small enough that most cars are able to pull them. Their lightweight also makes them less of a drain on your vehicle’s gas mileage and less strain on the brakes.

Easy to tow

Between their size and weight, these off-road campers are far easier to tow than 50-foot travel trailers. They turn more easily and can handle rough roads with their mud-appropriate tires keeping them over a foot off the ground. The ease of driving with an off-road trailer makes a difference on both highway cruising and maneuvering rough terrain.

off-road trailers for overland adventures jeep pulling trailer down dirt road


When you purchase from Colorado Trailers Inc., you can take your pick of customizable features to make sure your trailer fits your needs. Colorado Trailers offers choices in size, interior, exterior and color. From lighting and insulation to roof racks and side swivel jacks, there’s a long list of customizable features Colorado Trailers offers to make sure your off-road trailer is the perfect fit for you and your family.


When you choose an off-road trailer, you choose to get off the grid in comfort. Off-road trailers offer some of the benefits of RVs while still enabling you to truly commune with nature outside of a busy campground. Off-road trailers are insulated to protect you from extreme temperatures, and some come with A/C installed. They offer a safe place to sleep off the ground and in comfort.


In traditional tent camping, you leave your electronics behind. With off-road trailers, generators can offer electric lighting and opportunities to charge all your favorite tech during an extended stay in the woods. They can also come with A/C and heat, which will make a dramatic difference when temperatures fluctuate between day and night.

These are just a few of the reasons why off-road trailers are perfect for any variety of overland adventure. If you’re interested in purchasing an off-road trailer or customizing your own, visit Colorado Trailers site or call 303-688-8485. Don’t live in CO? We offer to ship all over the country! Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help you out.