Colorado Hunting Clubs You Need To Join

We know our customers are outdoorsy, and so are we. We fish, we camp, we hike, and we hunt. Why does it matter? So we know what you need – maybe even before you know it yourself.

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With hunting season near, we feel it’s important to let our hunters know of some of the best hunting clubs in Colorado to become a part of.

*Remember – in the state of Colorado, anyone born on or after January 1, 1949, must complete a hunting education course before obtaining a license.

High Plains Sportsman Club

Known for its wide range of games offered, the High Plains Sportsman Club puts their focus on attaining private land for excellent hunting and fishing for the whole family. Membership is relatively easy to acquire, but they’re limited so each member can have a fair shot at their own game. Once a member, you can expect to hunt big game, small game, waterfowl, upland bird, fishing, and even camping for all family members.

Colorado Waterfowl Hunting Club

For those interested in a specified club, particularly waterfowl, the Colorado Waterfowl Hunting Club could be what you’re missing out on. Sure, there are a few others around, but we like this club due to their values. They listen to the input of members and design their group from there. Knowing what your customers’ needs and wants are is key in building a successful association. They offer great lakes and ponds, and whether you’re a novice or pro, they give everyone. Fair fighting chance. Dove hunting, fishing, and dog training are also offered. Click here for club info.

Colorado Outdoor Sports

For anyone looking for a club with varying levels of membership, take a look at Colorado Outdoor Sports. They’ve been scouring the best private land for its members since 2002, and they do everything possible to offer the best land and water for hunting, camping, and fishing in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Members can even enjoy making quick and convenient online reservations for any upcoming hunts.

Grand Hotel Hunt Club

As one of the longest run hunting clubs in North America, you know you’re getting great quality when you become a member of the Grand Hotel Hunt Club. On top of the many perks the club offers, several members find great lifelong friends here, and being a member feels like home to them. The terrain is mostly High Mountain, which cause for a good workout, and the main focus is on hunting the Rocky Mountain Wapiti, or elk. Sound interesting? Now is the time to get your name on the waiting list for this prestigious group of hunters in your area!

Rocky Mountain Roosters

If you’re looking to hunt pheasants, quail, or chukar, read more about this club! As a member, you have access to the facility all year, and you can bring guests and family. Not sure if any kind of membership is for you? Rocky Mountain Roosters is here to help you settle that debate by offering “Hunt for a Day,” or an introductory hunt. You don’t need a membership, and this type of hunting is available 7 days a week.

We hope these clubs get you excited for the upcoming hunting season! As always, contact us for all your RV needs, questions, and concerns. Happy hunting!


Are you a member of a club you love? Let us know in the comments below.