Best Apps for Overlanding

Overlanding, a popular new form of camping, allows people to truly disconnect from the world and be one with nature. Driving through extreme terrain, visiting unexplored areas and spending time completely detached from the world can be a therapeutic experience. A chance to clear your head away from the never-ending social media chimes and constant swooshing work emails. While it’s still a relatively new form of camping, overlanding has taken the world of nature lovers by storm.

Whether you’re new to overlanding or an experienced vet, it can be a dangerous hobby. Among extreme weather conditions, unexpected health issues, faulty navigation tools and more, a lot can go wrong. It can also be hard to find a safe place to overland, or know what supplies you need to bring. Overlanders usually rely on each other for recommendations of places to stay and best practices, talking mostly over the internet. To help you stay safe, and find the best places and supplies, we’ve gathered recommendations from other overlanders all across the net on some of the best apps for overlanding.


OnX Offroad

OnX updates their phone app daily with the newest trails, campsites, road changes and more. The app’s data covers over 985 acres of public land and 35,000 miles of trails across the US. It works without cell signal, which pushes this navigation app into our best apps for overlanders. You can download maps and pre-program your points of interest before heading out.

4×4 Trails

The 4×4 Trails app is a product of FunTreks, a popular overlanding website. This app contains information on over 600 of the most popular trails in Colorado, California, Arizona and Utah. These states are some of the best for overlanding, with hundreds of acres where 4-wheeling and backcountry exploration rule the land.


Made by overlanders for overlanders, this popular app has an extensive database of recommended stops. It’s loaded with campsites, fuel stations, mechanic shops and more. You can filter the app for the types of stop you’re looking for, and it works offline. They even have a filter for pet services so you can find a safe spot to bring your four-legged friends even without signal.

Another one of the best apps for overlanding, recommended by the overlanding community. The maps are perfect for walking or driving, and they’re extremely detailed with places to stop and turn-by-turn navigation. You can drop color coded pins all over the map, plus it works offline.



The colorful, detailed interface on this app makes it one of the best apps for overlanding. Besides the fun look, the app has real-time updates on wind speeds, lightening storms and other weather advisories.


This weather app is popular for everyone, not just overlanders. AccuWeather provides weather forecasts with radar and updates hourly with the most recent weather conditions. You can use it to monitor the current weather or plan ahead for future trips.



Identify the flora and fauna around you with this helpful app for nature lovers. With iNaturalist, you can take photos of the plants and animals you find and scroll through identification suggestions. Record what you find and discuss with others on the app. This app is perfect for adults and kids wishing to contribute to the collection of biodiversity data and learn about the creatures they find when they travel.

Offline Survival Manual

Another app that works without cell phone connection. Get tips for finding food, making a fire and more while off the grid. Filter your search by subject or climate to easily find exactly what you need.

First Aid by American Red Cross

The Red Cross app works without internet connection and allows you to easily navigate between different types of emergencies. The Red Cross app has step-by-step instructions, video guides and safety tips for all kinds of situations.

These best apps for overlanding can help improve your experience in the great outdoors. From navigation guides to emergency aid, these apps could even save your life. Overlanding is an extreme activity, and keeping yourself and your family safe is essential.

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