6×12 Colorado Off Road Trailer – Multi Use Set Up!

 Camp, haul, work, play — if you’re looking for a trailer that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. At Colorado Trailers, we’re the exclusive providers of Colorado off-road trailers. All of our trailers are built with the toughest and safest materials, and our 6×12 Colorado off-road trailer is no exception.

A Superior Exterior

The 6×12 Colorado Cargo Trailer has a heavy-duty exterior made from a thicker aluminum skin that we use on our off-road models. This ensures the trailer is built to last through whatever weather and road conditions you encounter. This trailer also features a black diamond-plate rock guard above the wheel bed, along the front near the hitch, and at the “V” — this plating will further protect your trailer against the road debris.

Hitch, Entry, and Lights

This trailer is fitted with a triple-tung setup which makes for easier towing.  The rear-ramp door features a spring-assist close, giving you six and a half feet of clearance. Aside from the back door, this trailer features a side door with an RV-lock and cam bar, ensuring double security on your next adventure. You also have an exterior GFI outlet by the door. The exterior of the trailer is fitted with road lights, load lights, and two bright party lights which will allow you to enjoy the outdoors long into the evening.

Wheels, Axel, and Jacks

The 6×12 Colorado Cargo Trailer sits on a 3,500-pound axle with aluminum, six-inch tires. All four tires include breaks for easier hauling and stopping. The rear of the trailer also features stabilizing jacks to provide a balance between your on-the-road and sleeping schedules.


A Peek Inside the 6×12 Colorado Cargo Trailer

Walls and Ceiling

Once you’re inside, you’ll notice the white aluminum interior which covers the insulated walls and ceiling. The aluminum is easy to clean while the insulation ensures you stay comfortable regardless of the exterior weather conditions.


The trailer features a performance Nudo floor and ramp with DryMax, providing durable and multi-use flooring that’s built to last. The floor comes equipped with four D-rings for tie-down points, as well.


ThisTrailer features two interior-slider windows with screens. These windows are tinted and lockable for multi-use convenience.


The interior also features a battery with a battery box and charger located towards the front of the trailer. This allows you to run the four interior puck lights found along the ceiling on both sides of the trailer. This battery can also run your load- and party-lights along the exterior of the trailer, allowing you to have lighting even without power or a generator.

Generator Hook Up

Once hooked up to a generator, you can supply power to your interior outlets as well as the exterior outlet, the LED ceiling light, and the AC unit with a heat strip. All of these features will allow you to stay comfortable when you’re inside your trailer.

Weight and Warranty

When empty, this trailer weighs about 1,215 lbs and offers a 1,800 lbs payload capacity. This trailer also features a three-year warranty.

Colorado’s Off-Road Camper Dealer

No matter your next mission or destination, you can count on the team at Colorado Trailers Inc to provide you with a durable, quality trailer that will get the job done. Feel free to browse our selection of 6×12 Colorado Off-Road Trailers. If you find something you’re interested in, stop by one of our locations, or give us a call today. We can ship these trailers to wherever you are in the US.