5 Best Vehicles for Overlanding

So, you want to go on an overlanding trip? You’ve come to the right place.

To put it simply, overlanding, or car-camping, is combining camping and off-roading into one hobby. While this is true, others like to think overlanding focuses more on the journey rather than the destination. It’s about the excursion, what you encounter during that excursion and relying on one’s self and the essential tools brought with them to survive. You’re down to the bare minimum, staring right into Mother Nature’s creatures and rather extreme temperatures. For those that do choose overlanding, that’s the point.

The idea of overlanding is a rather new phenomenon in the United States, although it’s been popular in other countries for decades. It’s not a shock, seeing as it’s becoming trendy to be outside, camp, hike and be overall conscious of one’s health.

Overlanding has multiple terms and can be done in a variety of ways. It can be what you want it to be – a long, simple, off-the-grid weekend to escape the hustle and bustle, or you can choose to embark on a month-long excursion to really clear your head and take in all nature has to offer.

Perhaps what really separates overlanding from camping is the mode of transportation for the adventure. So, to get started in the realm of overlanding, you’ll need the right vehicle and a few other items to get the most out of your trip. Colorado Trailers is here to help guide you in the right direction!

How to Choose the right vehicle for overlanding

This is probably the single most important step to consider once you decide to try overlanding. With that being said, there are a ton of options to choose from: SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, and even large vans. Whatever you choose, it must be equipped to withstand all forms of weather and terrain as you never know what you may encounter during your expedition. It also must have room to transport food, water, shelter, tools, and other overlanding necessities.

There isn’t a “best overlanding vehicle,” because everyone does it differently. Honestly, almost any vehicle you have can be turned into a great overlander. If you have any questions about it, the overlanding community is about as welcoming as you can get.

Overlanding asks quite a bit more from your vehicle that off-roading because they’re expected to stay out on the rough roads for long periods of time with little to no maintenance. You’ll want something that’s reliable and has plenty of storage space. To get the best experience, make sure your vehicle is four-wheel-drive, has off-road tires, and decent ground clearance. Below are a few of our recommendations.

  1. Jeep Wrangler. We simply can’t write a blog about outdoor vehicles and not mention Jeeps. There’s no question on its off-road capabilities, and the stock motor is reliable. A newer model might be better for you if you’re planning a longer excursion because of their superior gas mileage. If you’re considering a Jeep specifically for overlanding, look at a four-door version to allow for more room.
  2. Lexus GX. If you’re like us, you might be a bit surprised to see a Lexus on the list, but the GX is a trusty choice for overlanding. It’s clearly a luxury vehicle, and here’s what it’s got going on: The V8 engine allows you to get anywhere you need, it’s got four-wheel drive for rough terrain, and great clearance straight from the assembly line. And, you won’t have trouble finding aftermarket parts.
  3. Land Rover R4. This Land Rover is a popular option due to its maneuverability though rough terrain. What’s cool about this vehicle is that its most popular sleeping setup is rooftop sleeping. Talk about an experience! Expect this vehicle to perform great on trails, but you might have trouble finding aftermarket parts. Land Rover’s 3 and 4 are also good choices!
  4. Toyota Tundra. The best thing about this truck is its size. It’s a full-size truck, so it has no problem transporting the whole crew with plenty of space for your items and gear. It also has a higher towing capacity than most trucks in its class, which makes towing a trailer simple. It’s a reliable choice, it offers rooftop sleeping or you can raise the back truck bed, and it’s a more affordable option compared to the Toyota Tundra.
  5. Toyota 4Runner. As our last vehicle on the list, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s our least favorite. A classic off-road option, the 4Runner is one of the most user-friendly vehicles out there when it comes to drivability. It may not come with the features or bells and whistles as the above vehicles do, but isn’t there something to be said for simplicity? From a 4Runner, expect great handling on rough terrain.

We hope this blog gets you started in the right direction towards the best overlanding vehicles for you! Reach out to us for any questions. Happy overlanding!

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